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Suffering from Dental Phobia? Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Fear plays a big part in all our lives. Fear can be what says, “STOP” before going down a dark alley but it can also be the same emotion that stops us from enjoying a roller coaster ride. Fear may block us from doing activities that are good for our health too, such as going…
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3 ways to Keep Your Mouth Fresh this Spring

Finding ways to keep your mouth fresh all day long may sound like a lot of work. Here are some quick easy ways to keep your mouth as fresh as a spring breeze as the weather starts to warm up in Northern Virginia. While dental services are a great way to check in on your…
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Did You Know Bad Teeth Can Be Genetic? Know Your Risk

We all know genetics take a big role in our health and looks, everything down to the way we smile. Dimples and double chins may come to mind, but did you know your oral health is also affected by genetics? Several studies claim up to 60% of tooth decay risk could be linked to genetic…
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