You may have seen ads for Invisalign and wondered if it’s worth it or better than regular braces. With lots of experience working with patients with many different teeth directions and complications we at CNS Dental can attest that Invisalign offers the most invisible way to improve the appearance of your smile with convenience and comfort.

How Invisalign Works

Normally to get an imprint of the teeth the first step is use a special putty to create the mold. New technology can now scan the mouth to create the Invisalign BPA free plastic mold. Our state-of-the-art office uses iTero intraoral scanning technology to get the best Invisalign fit with fewer adjustments. You can see quick turn around times on adjustments while following the progress your teeth are making.

Once we have a scanned copy of your teeth we can design a plan to rotate or move your teeth to create the right spacing and straightness best for your mouth. Through gradual pressure from the Invisalign aligner your teeth will slowly move in the desired direction. As your teeth move a new aligner will need to be created to maintain just the right pressure in the right direction.

Top Benefits of Invisalign

While self-esteem and appearance are important on a professional and personal level, your oral health is just as important. Invisalign can help keep and improve your look and health of your teeth. Creating proper alignment and spacing in teeth will stop food from getting stuck and causing cavities. Turned teeth can be difficult to brush, but as they straighten you will have better luck keeping them clean.

Compared to traditional braces, an Invisalign aligner is the better alternative because they are removable. So you can brush, floss, and eat as you normally do without having to maneuver around the glued on squares that keep wire braces on your teeth. If you have ever had a friend with braces you might have heard them complain about how long it takes to floss. It takes a special patience to thread the floss in between each wire after every meal. With Invisalign you don’t have to worry about brown spots and cavities that are common with braces because you remove your aligner to eat and brush.

Noticeably, a top benefit of Invisalign is that they are almost unnoticeable. Your smile will look the same in photos and when meeting friend and new acquaintances. Not only is it practically invisible to others, but also to yourself. Some experience mild pain as teeth start moving, but this goes away quickly. The aligner will be snug against your teeth, you might even miss not wearing it. Unlike braces, you don’t have to worry about metal wires cutting in the back of your cheek or tongue. For students or adults who play contact sports that require a mouth guard, Invisalign is a great removable option.

One question we get often is if Invisalign takes longer than traditional braces. Depending on what your teeth need, Invisalign may be more efficient, ranging from 1-2 years. Cost too, is comparable and will save you even more in the long run when your teeth are just as clean as when you started, unlike with braces where you risk dark spots and cavities. View our before/after pictures of Invisalign

Invisalign Aligner Treatment Provider Near You

Choose the Right Care team for your Invisalign experience. Before choosing your Invisalign provider verify the Dentist’s experience and that they are Invisalign certified. Just like any treatment, it may take time and maintenance. But with our expert technology you can see the progress and can start to love your smile again!

CNS Dental of Arlington VA offers exceptional dentistry and certified Invisalign services. We will discuss your concerns, goals, and review the process so you can make an informed decision on if Invisalign is right for you. Taking care of your teeth can affect not only your oral health but your overall health too.

Contact us at CNS Dental today for an Invisalign Consultation at  703-304-3881.

We love seeing the transformation as our clients start to show off their new smile!

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